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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 26, 2016)
Merry Christmas all!
(Dec 24, 2016)
merry christmas all
(Dec 24, 2016)
Merry Christmas
(Dec 23, 2016)
Merry Christmas Everyone
(Dec 21, 2016)
transorcas :)
(Dec 19, 2016)
It seems Hasbro have something to do with this... Expect to see Orcs that transform into robots in a future update!!
(Dec 19, 2016)
Thanks for the heads up Niss. Very interesting and hopefully will mean a brighter future for both games
(Dec 19, 2016)
In case you missed it here is some big news:
(Dec 18, 2016)
Its still in Thorins by the forges. There is also cuilds in Aldberg in west rohan
(Dec 17, 2016)
where is the metal smith guild these days i looked at thorins and estildin and its gone. any ideas?
(Dec 07, 2016)
ok so i back tracked and found i had turned left at the magical mushroom insted of right hey ho back on track :)
(Dec 07, 2016)
thanks Mag, i found the server, now trying to find wheree i am supose to be going lol on akonite i am fine but decatsman no idea lol will go hunting
(Dec 06, 2016)
Hello Ako. We are on Laurelin. Welcome back
(Dec 05, 2016)
hi all been long time , just downloaded the game again what sever are you lot on ? i cant find gilrain
(Nov 09, 2016)
New update today
(Nov 04, 2016)
Sorry I havent been online its kind of impossible to sit in front of PC for more than an hour these days.No other news except constant exhaustion and achiness everywhere you could imagine, but guess thats just a joy of last weeks of pregnancy
(Nov 03, 2016)
Any news on Bibo?
(Oct 19, 2016)
Its taking approx 40mins to update, that was yesterday though so may be quicker today
(Oct 18, 2016)
Update 19: March of the King is Live !!
(Jul 18, 2016)
todays update is a huuuuge download FYI