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(May 31, 2016)
We won't be able to come tomorrow, having dinner with my parents, its my dad,s bday. Have fun :)
(May 18, 2016)
No Bib, Ik or Zy tonight. Will Mag be on?
(May 18, 2016)
We won't be online tonight, have fun and see you sometime during weekend!
(May 04, 2016)
I wont be on tonight for family reasons
(Apr 27, 2016)
We won't be online tonight,not feeling well...have fun and hope to see you soon!
(Apr 12, 2016)
Update time!
(Mar 23, 2016)
I'll be on tonight later on, but having a proper tea first
(Mar 23, 2016)
That would be first..."saving yourself" for Friday Fry...I'll try to get on Friday as well then, but still have to finish till 9:45 your time ...
(Mar 22, 2016)
I'll save myself for Friday too, make a change, I'll probably be on tomorrow but not until later
(Mar 22, 2016)
Zy popped on last night and said he wouldn't be on the next 2 Wednesdays. But he'll be on Friday night if anyone is up for it
(Mar 15, 2016)
Happy birthday Zy :)
(Feb 29, 2016)
Thankyou Bib
(Feb 28, 2016)
Happy birthday Mag! :-)
(Feb 17, 2016)
Don't think we shall be on tonight, I don't feel particularly well, sorry. Have fun and hope to see you soon
(Jan 20, 2016)
Starlit crystals cheap on store at thte moment
(Jan 13, 2016)
Things seem slightly better this evening
(Jan 12, 2016)
Servers are coming down for a hotfix 7.30 gmt hopefully there will be an improvement
(Jan 12, 2016)
Worlds keep closing, login issues, rubber banding, high latency and packet lose. long loading times and skills firing. Its not fun
(Jan 12, 2016)
I never try to log on the day of any major maintenance as there are always some problems.Hopefully they will fix things soon
(Jan 11, 2016)
Its crap! Lots of lag, housing items not loading, mouted combat is impossible and getting a lose of over 6 at times