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(Sep 30, 2015)
Did mine yesterday, by the time I had made a cuppa it was all done
(Sep 30, 2015)
I was over in about 10mins on Monday
(Sep 29, 2015)
Thats all my peeps transferred to Laurelin :)
(Sep 28, 2015)
Bounders Inc is no more on Gilrain ... :'(
(Sep 22, 2015)
World transfers off of Gilrain will be available on September 28th !!! woohoo \o/
(Sep 09, 2015)
New wireless headset to try out tonight :O
(Sep 02, 2015)
Up and running, just need TS details
(Aug 30, 2015)
Got a laptop ordered, should get it on Tuesday, no idea how 'ready to go' it'll be, so may or may not be on Wednesday
(Aug 29, 2015)
oh noes. the joys of laptops , not very easy to fix :(
(Aug 29, 2015)
Hi guys, my laptop is broken, GPU blown i think. Not going to be on for a while.
(Aug 19, 2015)
Hi all, not going to be on tonight as Bibo is still not 100%. Have fun!
(Aug 19, 2015)
morning folks - i'm most likely not gonna be around tonight, got a meeting after work with dinner attched so could be a late one. Should be around over the weekend if anyone is about.
(Aug 10, 2015)
I wont be online for some time, have scheduled treatment in hospital starting this Wednesday and don't know how long it will last.Have fun in game and hope to see you all soon!
(Jul 08, 2015)
Sorry guys, I cannot make it tonight, not feeling well, have fun :)
(Jun 17, 2015)
Not sure I can make it either, have a scheduled check-up in the hospital this evening, might take some time...
(Jun 17, 2015)
Not sure i'll be on tonight
(Jun 10, 2015)
Running a bit late again, probably on about 8:10
(Jun 03, 2015)
Adapter for laptop came yesterday, looking good for tonight!
(May 13, 2015)
Guys,don't think we shall make it tonight, guests showed up a little while ago :(
(May 04, 2015)
update 16 is LIVE !!