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Bounders Inc. Kin Site
This is the website for members and allies of Bounders Inc., a kin of friendly peeps who have regular fun in the world of Middle Earth. The game is The Lord of the Rings online and we are based on the Gilrain server.

We started on 1st September 2007 as The Bounders of the West Farthing, one of the oldest and most successful hobbit only kins on Gilrain, founded by Sidny, who was leader for over 3 years.

We expanded during the Rift days to add a second kin, called The Friends of the West Farthing, founded by Korlin, which held all our non-hobbit alts. We had to do this as end game wasn't really feasible without Captains and Lore-Masters, yet we wanted to keep the Hobbity theme in the main kin. Later the Friends kin became a kin in it's own right and recruited it's own players too.

Later still, we forged an alliance with The Repair Bill Project lead by their Glorious Leader Vodkanor! They were a like minded bunch who fitted very nicely alongside us and soon became as important as our own kin members.

Although our alliance of 3 kins was successful, numbers dwindled in each and eventually we decided to merge all three kins and become a united and much more effective group. Bounders Inc. was born!

We group regularly, including raiding, and have use of a Team Speak server curtesy of Dave. We have a lot of laughs when grouping and maintain a friendly and fun vibe, yet still manage to be serious enough when needed to keep up with current end-game!

See you in-game!

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May 22, 2010 at 07:15 AM
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The Rules - Please read before posting

Some rules please follow them

1 No foul language
2 Complaints are accepted as constuctive criticism
3 All are equal, no one is better than another even if they have more power
4 Avatars should be appropriate size and content
5 No links to file sharing or illegal activites
6 Have fun