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Fun Event/ Kin Parties

What do we want to do!!!

Hey all. I was wondering the other day if there is anything anyone wants to get done in game. I am guessing that there is some stuff that people want to get done. I for one want to try and get at least 1 dragon a week going again, which i know wil...
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Fun Event/ Kin Parties

Party Time!

I suggest we have a kin party, something all levels can take part, to celebrate Lord Farosi reaching 75 and also to get to know some of our newer members in a more social event rather than just saying "hello" to them when they log on!I few suggest...
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Hm, not really sure where to apply for membership, but now I am trying this one. I am happy to see that the 3 kins have merged, its a very good thing, I think.So I will hereby apply to come back as member on this site. Its already done in game.Cya...
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Fun Event/ Kin Parties

The Quizes!

Week 36!Small questions!1) The island of Numenor has form as a figure. What is it?a) A full-moon.b) A star.c) A half-moon.Answer: b). The island has the form of a star.2) Who were the first humanoid creatures to breath the air in Arda(the earth)?a...
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Fun Event/ Kin Parties

Suggestion: Quiz!

Hello everybody! :)No doubt I guess you all remember the weekly lotto that we used to have in the alliance. Now that has been long gone and I think that we miss it, at least I do. Therefore, I suggest we have a quiz instead, or in addition to the ...
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Fun Event/ Kin Parties

Kin photo opportunities

massively are asking for kin/guild photos perhaps we can oblige [url=][/url]Ara
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Bounders Inc.

Hello to you all who may have stumbled upon our forum! Hello and most importantly, welcome to the home of Bounders Inc.Our Kinship live on the European server of Gilrain in The Lord Of The Rings Online. We pride ourselfs on being a fun, social, ca...
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The Rules

The Rules - Please read before posting

Some rules please follow them1 No foul language2 Complaints are accepted as constuctive criticism3 All are equal, no one is better than another even if they have more power4 Avatars should be appropriate size and content5 No links to file sharing ...
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Your First Guild News

Use the Guild News section of your forums to keep your members up to date on your guild's activities
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