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Hello to you all who may have stumbled upon our forum! Hello and most importantly, welcome to the home of Bounders Inc.

Our Kinship live on the European server of Gilrain in The Lord Of The Rings Online. We pride ourselfs on being a fun, social, casual bunch with some small amount of roleplaying, we believe the game is here to be played and not a way of life!

Originally, The Bounders of the West Farthing, The Friends of the West Farthing and our close friends, The Repair Bill Project. We took the opportunity to merge the three kins into one and created Bounders Inc. The Bounders of The West Farthing and The Repair Bill Project are still very much alive, all be it in a hibernated state. For more information on our history, please ask.

We arrange regular kin events, from instance runs to full raid runs, epic book runs to deeds and not forgetting the odd kin party with fun and games all done in a lighthearted and often hilarious manor. We also have a Teamspeak server and ingame chat channels and for those of you who like to take part in PvP, we also have our own small monster tribe.

For those who like a more relaxed gaming atmosphere which centres on a social and casual community then we could be the kinship for you! For more information please leave a message in the application section of the forum, an ingame message to any of the people listed below or any member who will gladly pass on your message to an officer.

Bounders Inc Officers
Frylo - Leader

Thankyou for your time
Sidny - Former Founder & Leader Bounders Of The West Fathing
- Now Bounders Inc.
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