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Week 36!

Small questions!

1) The island of Numenor has form as a figure. What is it?

a) A full-moon.
b) A star.
c) A half-moon.

Answer: b). The island has the form of a star.

2) Who were the first humanoid creatures to breath the air in Arda(the earth)?

a) Elves.
b) Men.
c) Dwarfs.

Answer: c). Although by right the Elves were suppose to be the first humanoid creatures, which is why they are known as the Firstborn. However, the Vala Aulë made the Dwarfs and they had lived, though only for a little while, before Eru Iluvatar put them to sleep to awaken when the Elves came.

3 The Maia Sauron is known by many names. What is his true name and the one he calls himself by?

a) Mairon.
b) Gorthaur.
c) Annatar.

Answer: a). Mairon, the admireable, was Sauron's true name and he called himself by that until the end of the Second age.

4 In Middle-earth there are/were two fortresses known as Minas Tirith. Which was the first that was built?

a) The one in Gondor.
b) The one at Tol Sirion.
c) The one in Valinor.

Answer: b). This is a trick question. There is no fortress called Minas Tirith in Valinor. The first Minas Tirith was built by Finrod Felagund, brother of Galadriel, on the island of Tol Sirion in the northern Beleriand.

5 The Silmarils were crafted by the great smith Feanor. Of which elven kindered was he?

a) The Vanyar.
b) The Teleri.
c) The Noldor.

Answer: c). Feanor was the son of Finwe, first king of the Noldor, or Gnomes as they are called some places. The Noldor are great craftmen, and we can thank them for discovering the gems or we would not have so many juicy jewellries in-game.

Big question!

In his encounter with the Balrog, Durin's Bane, at the bridge of Khazad-dum, Gandalf says: "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dak fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn." What is this "Secret Fire", "Anor" and "Udûn"?

Answer: Minas Tirith in Gondor was earlier called Minas Anor - the tower of the Sun. Anor is the sindarin name for the Sun.
Udûn is another name for Utumno, Morgoth's great fortress in the north.
The Secret Fire, also known as the Flame Imperishable, is what Eru Iluvatar used to give things life. When the Ainur made the Music of the Ainur, Iluvatar put the Secret Fire in the middle of the void and gave their music life, and thus they had created Ea, the world that is!

Thanks to all who sent in their answers. The winner of this quiz is Fara. Congratulations. The price was 10 gold, 50 superior Lothlorien waybread and a sealed symbol of morale.
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Woot! :D
The one to blame!
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Week 37!

Small questions!

1) The Shepherds of the Forest, the Ents, were made into being by a Vala who loves nature. Who was the Vala that made the Ents?

a) Oromë.
b) Yavanna.
c) Melkor.

Answer: b). Yavanna was the Vala that made the Ents. She did this to protect the trees, her work, from the Dwarfs; the work of Aulë her spouse, so that they would not kill the trees unnecessary.

2) The Eldar were summoned to Valinor by the Valar, and those who accepted the summon were guided there by Oromë the Vala. Which of the three elven kindereds was last to arrive to Valinor?

a) The Noldor.
b) The Teleri.
c) The Vanyar.

Answer: b). The Teleri elves were the last to arrive in Valinor. This was because their king Elwë was lost in the woods where he met Melian the Maia who he fell in love with. The other Teleri elves lingered in Beleriand in hope to find their lost king, but they did not find him before long after. Some of the Teleri departed to Valinor with Olwë, Elwë's brother, who became the king of the Teleri in Aman; the undying lands. Elwë came back to his kindered in Beleriand with Melian, and together they founded the realm of Doriath that long stood protected by the Girdle of Melian against the forces of Morgoth.

3) Gondolin, the Hidden City, was ruled by a great elf of the Noldor. What was his name?

a) Turgon.
b) Fingon.
c) Fingolfin.

Answer: a). Turgon, son of Fingolfin, was the ruler of Gondolin. He found the vale in a circle of mountains, by the guidance of Ulmo, and began devising a plan for a city there, a city that he built in secret. When the city was fully-wrought he departed there with all of his people, and Ulmo put a shadow over them to prevent any spies from seeing their going. Turgon gave everyone who found the city by fortune two choices: to abide there or to die there. As a hidden city, Gondolin was the last standing fortress of the Noldor, but eventually it was overthrown by Morgoth.

4) What were the first light-sources on Arda?

a) Anor and Ithil; the Sun and the moon.
b) The Two Lamps.
c) The Two Trees; Laurelin and Telperion.

Answer: b). The Two Lamps were the first light sources in Arda. Thus the first Valian age was called: The Years of the Lamps. They were destroyed by Morgoth, and therefore the Valar left Middle-earth and came to Aman, the undying lands, there to make their new dwelling. Here Yavanna wrought two trees, and they were called Laurelin, a golden tree, and the other Telperion, the silver tree, and they gave light to Aman and Valinor. When Morgoth, with the help of Ungoliant the spider, sucked the light from the trees they died, and the Yavanna was unable to make them anew, for some things you can only accomplish once. Therefore, the Valar took the last living branch of each tree and put them on the heaven, there to be the Sun and the Moon; and it gave light to all of Arda; Aman and Middle-earth.

5) The Three Rings of Power, crafted by the Eldar were given to three great elves. Who were they?

a) Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf.
b) Celeborn, Gil-galad and Gandalf.
c) Galadriel, Gil-galad and Cirdan.

Answer: c). The Three Rings of Power were crafted by the Eldar without the help of Annatar, or Sauron. Thus he could not control the power of the rings with the One, his own. The Three were kept by Galadriel of Lothlórien, Gil-galad High King of the Noldor, and Cirdan of the Grey Havens. In the Battle of the Last Alliance, Gil-galad was slain and Elrond took the ring for his own. When the Istari came to Middle-earth from Aman, Cirdan knew who they were, and he gave his ring, the ring of fire, to Olorin, Gandalf, for he knew that it would be of better use to him.

Big question!

The Maia Mairon had a virtue; a love for order and coordination. Therefore he joined Melkor who had will and power to execute his plans quickly. Mairon, who was then named Sauron by Melian the Maia, became the lieutenant of Melkor, and in every plan that Morgoth devised, Sauron had a part. Sauron took the tower of Minas Tirith on the island of Tol Sirion in Beleriand from Finrod Felagund. In her quest to rescue Beren, Luthien, with the aid of Huan the Hound of Valinor, fought with Sauron before the gates of the tower. In this fight, Sauron used one of his special powers. What was this power?

Answer: Sauron had the ability to change form; as did all the Ainur. They could take a form that they desired, or go shapeless. Sauron, though, was a more skilled shape-shifter. He could use his shape to trick others. In the fight with Luthien and Huan, Sauron turned into a great wolf, for a prophecy said that a great wolf would slay Huan. Sauron could not defeat Huan, and turned into a serpent instead, but eventually he had to retreat from Tol Sirion as a vampire bat.

Congratulations to Bibo who won this week's quiz! She answered all of the questions perfectly and achieved a full score. Bibo chose to donate her price to next week's quiz, and I think we should all thank her for that even though she really deserved to have it herself. Thank you!
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you wrote that I had only 1 point but I clearly remember answering the ring question as c and the two lamps as first source of light...
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Thanks! :P

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Gratz Bib, well done :-)
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Yaay grats Bibo, good work 7 out of 7 :)
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#4951366 Mairian wrote:

you wrote that I had only 1 point but I clearly remember answering the ring question as c and the two lamps as first source of light...

Sorry Mar, I might have screwed up, but I don't have the in-game mail anymore to double-check. I don't post the points you achieve in the comment section for you to see how the others did, but rather for me to easily keep a track on who achieved what and so on. If you dislike that I do this, please tell me and I will stop doing it. Again, I am sorry.
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No your system is quite fine and I like seeing how others do and how many points I get. I guess it doesn;t matter that much as I would have gained only 1 more point :D
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The rules for the Quiz have been updated! Please read them carefully!
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Week 38!

Small Questions!

1: What happened to the island of Numenore?

a) It was destroyed by Sauron in a great siege.
b) It was drowned in the sea.
c) The Elves were envious and took it by force.

Answer: b). Sauron was taken capture by the men of Numenore. In his captivity he corrupted the hearts of all the island's citizens, except for a few. Eventually, they heeded him like a god, and he set them up against the Valar, saying that the Numenoreans could make war upon Aman and take the Undying Lands for themselves. The king of Numenore eventually fell for this and charged Aman with his fleet. Manwë summoned Ilúvatar and he changed the world, so that none could come there except for those that found the straight road, and that were the elves. When the world was changed, Numenore was cast into the abyss and drowned in the sea, along with all those who remained on the island, Sauron also, but there we some that survived. Elendil and his sons had remained faithful and escaped to Middle-earth.

2: Dunorf the Dwarf's rune stone is called 'Meldorenya', which is Quenya. What does it mean?

a) My helper.
b) My enemy.
c) My friend.

Answer: c). In Quenya, "Meldorenya" means "My friend".

3: The Eagles are the servants of a Vala. Who is this Vala?

a) Ulmo.
b) Manwë.
c) Aulë.

Answer: b). The Eagles are the servants of Manwë, and he sent them to Middle-earth to spy upon the enemy and to help the exiles in their struggle against Morgoth.

4: The Man Tuor, the grandfather of Elrond, had a cousin. Who was his cousin?

a) Húrin.
b) Huor.
c) Túrin.

Answer: c). Húrin and Huor were brothers. Húrin was the father of Túrin, and Huor was the father of Tuor. That makes them cousins.

5: Who was the last High King of the Noldor?

a) Gil-galad.
b) Fingolfin.
c) Turgon.

Answer: a). Gil-galad was the last High King of the Noldor. He was slain by Sauron in the battle of The Last Alliance on the field of Dagorlad by the end of the Second Age. Gil-galad had no heir, and was therefore the last High King.

Big Question!

The Istari, Wizards from Aman, were sent to Middle-earth to help the remaining Elves and Men in their struggle against Sauron. The Istari were of the race of the Ainur, of the Maiar. The Valar first intended to send three emissaries to Middle-earth, but no one volunteered. Therefore they picked some they deemed fit for the task. Curumo and Alatar were chosen, and Manwë called for Olórin who had just returned to Valinor. Olórin asked them not to send him, for he said that his power was not great enough and that he feared Sauron. Manwë did not hesitate, rather he urged him to go, saying that Olórin's fear was more the reason to go. At Yavanna's bidding, Aiwendil was to go with Curumo and Alatar chose Pallando to come with him as his friend.

The Istari's task was to guide the people of Middle-earth, but not with force or fear. Thus, they were disguised as old men, and they also had virtues of the likes of men, whereas emotions is the most important; both positive and negative emotions. By the people of Middle-earth, Curumo was called Saruman the White. Aiwendil was known as Radagast the Brown and Olórin as Gandalf the Grey. Alatar and Pallando were both clothed in blue.

(finally your question...) What became of the Istari?

Answer: Olórin's went over the Sea with the with Frodo and Bilbo. Saruman was killed by Grima in Bag End when he tried to take the Shire. Radagast was lost in the wild. Alatar and Pallando some say were lost in the east, but no one knows for sure. It is also unknown what they accomplished here for the sake of the Free Peoples.

Bibo scored a full pot again, but also this time she chose not to accept her reward. I am not 100% sure what she wanted me to do with it, so I will add it to next week's quiz (week 39) to make that one extra interesting. Congratulations Bibo!
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Week 40!

My sincere appologies to everybody who entered the Quiz event for this week. Sadly I have not been able to make any questions for because of a Miss Somebody. However, I hope she will keep distracting me from it 3(, but I will try to get time for it all. Again, I am sorry.

To those who paid the fee for week 40, I have added it to the next week instead so that this does not have any disadvantages for you!
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Week 41!

Again the Quiz has slipped my mind, and again I am sorry. I have not really had any time to play LOTRO for the past week. I actually logged on to do the Isengard quests, but instead I spent an hour AFK in camouflage...

To those who paid the fee for week 41, I have added it to the next week instead so that this does not have any disadvantages for you!
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The Quiz is back for week 43!

I am sincerely sorry for not hosting the event for the last three weeks. To make this up to you, I have donated a fine amount of gold to the event to make it a bit more fun. The questions are now on the calendar. Remember that the answers has to sent in an in-game mail to Andarlos by midnight on saturdays. Fees for next week will have to be paid before midnight on sundays. If you have any questions regarding your fee, or any questions at all; please do ask me. Good luck!

To those of you who paid for week 40, 41, and 42, I have moved your fee by three weeks so that this does not have any disadvantage for you.

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Notification for week 43!

It appears that everybody forgot about the Quiz in week 43. This might be because I was not good enough at announcing to everybody that the Quiz is back, or it might be because people are still rather busy with the new content. Either way, it does not matter. So here is what I will do. I will post the same questions for week 44 that I did for week 43. Since nobody sent their answers, I think these questions can be used again. I will send everyone who has paid their fee for week 44 a message in-game, so that I am sure everyone has gotten the message.
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Week 44!

Congratulations to Volla for winning the quiz this week!

1) The First Age begins with what great event?

a) The coming of the Eldar at Cuivienen.
b) The coming of Anor and Ithil; the Sun and the Moon.
c) The return of Morgoth to Middle-earth.

Answer: a) The coming of the Eldar at the lake Cuivienen.

2) The realm of Doriath, in Beleriand, belonged to what great Elf lord?

a) Turgon.
b) Elu Thingol.
c) Finrod Felagund.

Answer: b) Elu Thingol was the lord of Doriath.

3) What was a tradition for the kings of Numenore?

a) They took elvish names.
b) When they died, they were placed on ships and sent into the West.
c) They each planted a sapling of the White Tree Nimloth.

Answer: a) The kings of Numenore had elvish names.

4) In Gondor there is a fortress called Dol Amroth, and it is named after an elf, Amroth. Who was he?

a) It is believed that he was the former king of Lothlórien.
b) It is believed that he was an elf lord of great skill from Imladris.
c) It is believed that he was a sailor from Lindon, in the service of Cirdan.

Answer: a) It is believed that he was the former king of Lothlórien.

5) The end of the Third Age is counted from when?

a) When Sauron is overthrown.
b) When Aragorn is made king.
c) When Elrond depart from Middle-earth.

Answer: c) When Elrond departs from Middle-earth is the end of the Third age and the start of the Fourth age.
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Week 45!

Due to some illness and a surgery that I had, I have not been able to post any quiz for this week. To those of you who paid a fee for week 45, this fee has been moved by 1 week to week 46. My sincere appologies!
#5243408 Nov 19, 2011 at 07:00 AM
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Week 46 ->!

Due to the lack of participation in the quiz, I will not host it anymore. It seemed like a good idea, but people, even those who signed up and paid their fee, do not participate. For the time being, the quiz is shut down. Should more people seem interested in it, then maybe I will host it again. To those of you who paid a fee for the upcoming weeks: this fee has been refunded to you, and you will find one of your characters in-game a little richer. Thank you!

- Andy
#5244088 Nov 19, 2011 at 12:42 PM
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Thanks for your efforts, Andear. I enjoyed the quiz, it was fun.
Some other time hopefully 3(
Hugs from Volla
#5244436 Nov 19, 2011 at 02:54 PM
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Yes, many thanks Anda, was fun, although did not participate lately, sorry about that.

As Volla said, some other time perhaps!