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Fun Event/ Kin Parties

What do we want to do!!!

Hey all. I was wondering the other day if there is anything anyone wants to get done in game. I am guessing that there is some stuff that people want to get done. I for one want to try and get at least 1 dragon a week going again, which i know wil...
Small Feldanor 5y
Feldanor83239Small Vodkanor 5y
Fun Event/ Kin Parties

Party Time!

I suggest we have a kin party, something all levels can take part, to celebrate Lord Farosi reaching 75 and also to get to know some of our newer members in a more social event rather than just saying "hello" to them when they log on!I few suggest...
Small Magdfting 6y
Magdfting83842Member avatar small Akonite 6y
Fun Event/ Kin Parties

The Quizes!

Week 36!Small questions!1) The island of Numenor has form as a figure. What is it?a) A full-moon.b) A star.c) A half-moon.Answer: b). The island has the form of a star.2) Who were the first humanoid creatures to breath the air in Arda(the earth)?a...
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Andarlos217898Small Vodkanor 6y
Andarlos32605Member avatar small Andarlos 6y
Fun Event/ Kin Parties

Suggestion: Quiz!

Hello everybody! :)No doubt I guess you all remember the weekly lotto that we used to have in the alliance. Now that has been long gone and I think that we miss it, at least I do. Therefore, I suggest we have a quiz instead, or in addition to the ...
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Andarlos61563Small Volla 6y
Fun Event/ Kin Parties

Kin photo opportunities

massively are asking for kin/guild photos perhaps we can oblige [url=][/url]Ara
Member avatar small Aradanus 7y
Aradanus1624Member avatar small Aradanus 7y
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