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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 25, 2018)
Merry Christmas One and All
(Dec 24, 2018)
Merry Christmas :)
(Nov 23, 2018)
So far it's been tons of fun, if you want to join let me know. Alt name is Ivod (aka Glorious Leader)
(Nov 23, 2018)
We've started playing on the new legendary server Ithil. We are slowing levelling up, with the goal of running lvl 50 content (CD, Uru, Rift) on level.
(Jul 04, 2018)
cya vod - enjoy your holiday
(Jul 04, 2018)
Have a great summer everyone, see you in September
(Jun 27, 2018)
I wont be on till after the football
(Jun 01, 2018)
Thanks Mag. Hope to see you all soon, I'll probably be able to log in the evening. It's great to see the Bounders are still around :)
(Jun 01, 2018)
Hi Vod, we are on laurelin
(May 31, 2018)
sorry for the mess in the shoutbox, I should have used the forum to post my messge :)
(May 31, 2018)
oh congratz bibo and ik on your baby boy
(May 31, 2018)
Anyway, I retrieved my account, I haven't started downlaoding the game yet, but I will soon. Most important question of all, which server are you on? See you soon, hopefully
(May 31, 2018)
Hello guys! How are you doing? It's been ages, hasn't it? I really REALLY want to get back in game, but I'm not sure my PC is up to the task.
(May 30, 2018)
Not sure if i'll be home in time to get on, feel free to start without me
(Apr 01, 2018)
Happy Easter guys!
(Mar 28, 2018)
Sorry folks, not on tonight
(Feb 28, 2018)
Happy birthday Mag!
(Feb 28, 2018)
I won't be on tonight. I'm off out for a bit of Birthday fun!
(Feb 18, 2018)
Hi Ana, hope all is well? You still playing? Pop on TS on a Wed night and say Hi if you like.
(Feb 17, 2018)
Thanks :-). It is never too late for good wishes...I miss everyone as well but sadly still not able to return to the game :-(